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Real Estate Auctions - No More Estate Sales!

We offer an online Real Estate Auction service that is more convenient, more cost effective, and easier to execute than a traditional estate sale!  It's one of the best ways to clear out a home when moving, downsizing, or clearing out an estate.  

How it works

When you work with us for your Real Estate liquidation needs, you will save time, money, effort and stress.  Our service avoids the need to host multi-day, on-site sales where hundreds of people walk thru your home. By auctioning off items within the home via an online portal, you maximize exposure to potential buyers, avoid price haggling, and only give access to your home to people that actually bought something.

Here's, in a nutshell, how it works:


  • We perform a walk thru of your home to assess everything that will be auctioned off.  If some items are to remain, we will not touch those.  All other items, we will take pictures of to populate into the online auction.

    • We can auction pieces individually, but can also auction items together in single "lots".  For example, we could auction an entire bedroom of items as one "lot." Ultimately, whomever wins the auction for that "lot," will come and take everything out of that bedroom.

    • If you have a lot of dishware, pots/pans, clothing, etc - we can auction those items together.  For example, all of your pots and pans are 1 lot - one buyer gets them all!  Or, we can auction as individual items.

  • After determining what will be auctioned and discussing the best strategy for selling with you, and getting all applicable pictures taken, we will build the auction on our Equip-Bid affiliate site.​

  • Depending on what you're trying to do (maximize efficiency, or maximize profit), we may even schedule a showing time where potential bidders can come see items they are interested in prior to bidding.

  • The auction will run, online, for as long as we choose (often a few weeks to maximize exposure, but we can do less).  When the auction closes, the highest bidders are notified and automatically charged for their purchases.

  • We have set pickup days where only the buyers are able to come and pickup what they purchased.  They will self load, clearing out your home FOR YOU!

  • We can assist with removal of any items that don't sell, as well.  This could be via donation, dumpster, or some other method.

  • When it is all said and done, your home is cleared out!  We take a 30% fee of the sales and you get a check for the remaining 70%.   There are no other fees associated with the service, and we are present for any pick up or showing visits by buyers.  As licensed Realtors, we can even access your property via lockbox if it is already listed, and are bonded/insured on your property.

  • Finally, if you also need help selling your home, we are happy to serve as your listing agent and implement our low-commission model (full service MLS listing and Realtor services for a 1% listing agent commission or flat $3000 fee for homes under $400k). 



If you're looking to clear out an estate, reach out to us today!  We'd be happy to discuss this further and perform a no-cost, no obligation walk thru of your property!  


Call/Text: 913.744.6368

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